Board effectiveness and the role of evaluation in supporting good governance has resulted in increased attention from regulators, investors and other stakeholders.

  • Institutional investors are increasingly expecting boards to undertake evaluation. For example, the International Corporate Governance Network’s Global Governance Principles expects boards should “conduct an objective board evaluation on a regular basis, consistently seeking to enhance board effectiveness including an external review once every three years”.
  • Since 2005 the European Commission has recommended that supervisory boards should undertake an annual performance evaluation and European national corporate governance codes also recommend boards to undertake an evaluation.
  • Further, the G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance states, ‘boards should regularly carry out evaluations to appraise their performance and assess whether they possess the right mix of background and competences.

To help investors understand this key issue, this Minerva Analytics briefing looks at Board Evaluation on a country-by-country basis across the main European markets. We examine the processes and importance of board evaluation; the use of external facilitators; and the quality of evaluation outcome disclosure. It also details EU-wide and national corporate governance code recommendations.

Minerva Briefing on Board Evaluation in Europe 2019 is available to purchase now!

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Minerva’s regulatory briefings look at new and emerging issues from the UK and Continental European perspective. Also Available:
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Minerva Briefing on Board Evaluation in Europe 2019 is available to purchase now!

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